SEO Diploma: Introduction

Welcome to SEO diploma course

This SEO course which is free of cost for all the users focuses only Google search engine for fairly good reasons which are as follows;

1. Google search engine is the largest search engine in the world.

2. The technology used by Google is the latest and more reliable for it focuses on 200 different factors before allotting your site any position on the search engine, which you don’t find in any other search engine on internet.

3. Google is used 70% in the world, not only this, according to some it is 90%.

4. If you have got ranking in Google you have already secured better SERP in other search engines just without focusing them.

On account of the above reasons it is considered that Google search engine is the best and needs to be focused. Therefore in this SEO course you will study the best strategies to be adopted to rank your site better on the search engine.